Sunday, January 09, 2005

Hormones (and for once, they're not mine)

I was always under the assumption that girls were harder to raise because, you know, at a certain age those things called hormones kick in. I've secretly cheered the fact that I have two boys when I've heard friends relate their challenges regarding puberty with their soon-to-be women. Just remembering how I terrorized my poor parents makes me shudder. I'd never have to deal with that.

I could plead ignorance here. I was an only child. So you can't fault me for not knowing that hormones affect male bodies, too. Right? I mean, by the time I really paid any attention to the developing men in my life, I was almost through high school.

Why didn't my husband warn me? My son could charge admission for the emotional roller coaster he's had me on and he'd be making quite a bit of extra cash. I know the ride will end eventually, but I'm starting to get queasy. Where are the kiddie rides when you need them?


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