Saturday, December 09, 2006

Another opening, another show

It's late - I just got back from our after show dinner at Bennigan's - so I'm counting this as a Friday post.

Wow. I'm truly amazed at how well our opening night went. The seats were full and people were laughing in all the right places (even when the Cratchit's Christmas chicken prop started squawking in the middle of the street scene and the butcher had to whack at it to stop the noise - we all managed to keep straight faces somehow!).

Afterwards, we mingled while greeting & thanking the audience members for attending. I walked up to one couple with two small boys and asked if they had fun. The one little guy was just speechless. After a little prodding by his dad, he managed to whisper "I really liked it." The look in his eyes was one of disbelief that someone he'd just seen onstage was actually talking to him. It was too sweet!

I really should go to bed, or I'll be dragging through both shows tomorrow. How can I when I'm still buzzin'?


At 3:02 PM, Blogger spacedlaw said...

Ha... there you are !
I never relaised you kept a blog as well as your LJ.
Glad to read that the play went fine.


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