Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Lycra, schmycra

You know the deal with jeans right out of the dryer? How they're a little snug at first, but then they break in after wearing them for a while? (If your jeans fit right out of the dryer, just stop reading right now.) I was a little worried when I first put them on. Think sausage casings. But surely, they'd stretch.

Four hours later, they haven't budged much at all. And they have LY*CRA in them, for pete's sake! This is not good, people. I can only imagine the line of demarcation that will be around my waist when they come off tonight. Gah.

I know I haven't been as active lately as I'd been in the past. But I had no idea until I stepped on my friend's scale before picking our kids up from the bus stop. I'm 1.5 teensy little pounds away from 140 lbs. I haven't seen that number since I was pregnant 10 years ago. Okay. I'll keep telling myself that muscle weighs more than fat.

I'm not going down without a fight. It's on... it's SO on.


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