Saturday, January 15, 2005

Random ruminations

If it takes you longer to pluck out the grey hairs than it does to find them, it's time to consider a box of Clair*ol or a trip to the salon.

There is no such thing as Tupper*ware or Rub*bermaid that resists tomato stains.

The only thing worse than finding copious amounts of dog saliva on the kitchen floor is finding it with your bare feet.

Mini-marshmallows now packaged in little snack-sized bags to take to school? (I swear, we saw them at Stuff-Mart) Come on, Kra*ft, get real. Even my 9 year-old knows that this is bogus. Fat-free "food". That's why those marketing types get paid the big bucks.

If Super Stuff-Mart continues to add to their numbers of electric lard-carts, they need to widen the aisles so we pedestrians can make it out alive.

Cour-te-ous: adj: marked by respect for others : civil, polite.
When you see a large sign that says "Line Forms Here" and many people holding items standing behind said sign, don't try to sneakily skirt around to the other side of the counter because you think we won't notice. That's not very courteous.


At 1:02 PM, Blogger Amber said...

here here to the plastc ware and tomatosauce.

I've switched completely to those lovely disposable zip*lock ones... I don't feel so bad chucking out $.50 worth of plastic as opposed to the matching sets of the other stuff.

At 9:18 PM, Blogger A~ said...

Clairol is my *best* friend! :)

At 9:44 PM, Blogger Jennie said...

*note to self: find good colorist in Petaluma. Self-dyeing makes me grumpy.*


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