Tuesday, September 13, 2005

T-minus 3 days...

... until I'm done with my job! Woo-hoo!

That's right. There'll be no more librarian jokes at my expense. I'm moving on.

My neighbor, for whom I'd been doing freelance proofreading, has asked me to devote more time to it and other projects for his company. He hit me up on the right day, too. After a particularly heavy day, cleaning up the children's room for the umpteenth time (including a BIG apple juice spill), I couldn't refuse his offer to work from home for more money. I suppose I could refuse, but then DH would have to commit me somewhere pastoral.

It wasn't easy handing the resignation letter over to my boss. I still try to please everyone, so I was nervous. She understood. I think she'd be gone if she had the opportunity to do something else, too. Everyone has been giving me the requisite amount of good-natured BS for leaving. I tell them I'll come and visit. Ha!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

What I love about Sunday

1) Waking up with the sunrise, not with the alarm clock.
2) Or, having the kids be our goofy & giggly "alarm clock".
3) Eating fried eggs with a sloppy middle - sopping it up with a warm biscuit. Gotta' have bacon, too.
4) Reading the paper from cover to cover, even all the ad circulars.
5) The BIG crossword puzzle.
6) For the next few months... FOOTBALL! :-)
7) Having DH make lunch for us.
8) Sunday drives after (or before) dinner. Usually ending up at some sort of ice cream establishment.
9) DH taking the kids someplace while I get some time alone.
10) Occasionally staying in my PJs the whole day.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Help an old woman out...

You can see my attempt at a new blog title up there. Lame, yes? I blame my aging brain.

I know someone out there can do better. Give it a go and I'll print them here. Even yours, Jana. :-)