Saturday, May 20, 2006

Thanks Jennie

For giving me something to put in this space:

I SAID: I wouldn't be like my parents.
I WANT: To be happy.
I WISH: That I had more patience.
I HATE: The bickering.
I MISS: My freedom.
I FEAR: Dying before I see my kids grow up.
I HEAR: Everything in public spaces.
I WONDER: What happened to my sense of adventure.
I REGRET: Not finishing college.
I AM NOT: Carefree.
I DANCE: When no one is around.
I SING: In my car.
I CRY: Because I am sad and don't know why.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: A wet rag.
I MADE: My bed.
I WRITE: Infrequently.
I CONFUSE: My husband and kids.
I NEED: Time alone away from home.
I SHOULD: Get over my fear on inverted roller coasters.
I START: Dreading summer vacation before the kids are out of school.
I FINISH: Very few things.
I TAG: Whenever I feel like it.


At 3:34 PM, Blogger mel said...

I'm a little scared to fill that out ;)

At 10:01 PM, Blogger Jana said...

Somehow, I read all that wrong the first time, and I somehow saw - I wet the bed.


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