Monday, March 27, 2006

Wanted: an extra closet (or 2...or 3...)

We've thrown out/sold/given away everything we can possibly think of, and we still don't have room for what's left.

As much as I'm happy that the boys now have their own rooms, it put us in a bind for storage. Where to put that pesky file cabinet? What do we do with the videos and kid's keepsakes? It's all stored in what used to be our MB walk-in closet. It's more like scrunch-in, now.

A basement would be great. Not happening here unless I want to make everything water-tight and don't mind swimming to get to it. Attic would be good, too. But after having my outdoor Christmas candy cane lights turn a grotesque color of yellow last year, I nixed the idea of using it.

Honestly, we don't have tons of stuff. DH makes sure of that - he's the anti-pack rat. Pretty much, if it's not nailed down, it goes in the trash sooner than later. The kids are another story. I've had to play "dumb" (not a stretch, I know) so many times about what happened to any number of leaves/rocks/acorns/happy meal toys/"insert odd item here" because they've been disposed of when the kid wasn't looking. It involves something like, "Ummm, I know I saw it last week. Where did you put it?" Then I pose an unrelated question (usually involving food) that throws them off of the interrogation trail. Whew! Crisis averted!

DH is waiting to hear from another prospective employer which would involve moving. This time, I want no less than 2,000 sf. And most of it had better be closet space.


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