Saturday, July 15, 2006

For Susie Q...

Let's see if she was telling the truth the other night on Gabbly when she said that she checks my blog every day. I think she was just trying to get me to do Blogathon. Hell woman, I can't manage to post something once every other month and that involves posting something every thirty minutes for 2 hours. LOL!

Not much new is happening in my life. School will be starting again Aug. 3, and no matter how many times I think that this will be "the summer" for fun and having good times with my kids, I always let myself down. They bicker and fight, we argue, I yell, they watch TV, it's hot, they eat, I get house-bound. Repeat. We haven't done anything resembling a vacation this year. DH & J. did go to Wisconsin for a few days to visit my MIL. But I really need a break. Something. ANYthing.

DH came home Thurs. to say that they'd finally agreed to let him out of the management position that he so desperately hated for the past few years. He's been looking at various places for other work because of how stressful this situation was for him. Now, he'll be out of management, but with that comes less money. Almost $6K less. They'll bring it down throughout the year until he's at the correct level for his new position. I'm feeling more stress because I handle the financial end and all I can see is "Oh shit...." in our future. We are by no means in the hole, but I still worry.

I'm sure we can make it work, but I warned him that if he started complaining about this new "creative" job, he was going to have to answer to me!


At 3:54 PM, Blogger susieq said...

I do momma! I really do! Especially when I am up at 2:00 with no one to talk to. I obsessively check blogs. And you better do Blogathon, not that I am pressuring you or anthing.

Nothing new, is always a good things, I suppose. I hope your dh's new job works out well. I totally understand the downgrade in finances and . This is something that we are totally dealing with right now. It is stressful, not to have enough money.

Anyways, I do read you everyday, and I totally understand and can relate to what you are saying.

At 7:36 PM, Blogger Kimberlee said...

At 2 a.m.? You're crazy, woman! LOL! I don't think I could read anything at 2 a.m. - well, I wouldn't remember it, that's for sure.


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